Free Apex Legends Accounts Giveaway Updated [July 2022]

We have a list of free Apex Legends Accounts for PC, Xbox One X/S, PS4, and PS5. IDs and Password. These are Accounts submitted by users or collected from other open-access portals. You can use without wasting any time doing different tasks. We not support any kind of hijacking or illegal use of accounts.


Free Apex Legends Accounts

Gmail ID/Password:

Accounts: | Passwords: legendspeX#

Accounts: | Passwords: apexM#9775

Accounts: | Passwords: fawLine@196

Accounts: | Passwords: apexLM/5492

Accounts: | Passwords: Legends@8

Accounts: | Passwords: ygyuUh8787

Accounts: | Passwords: gunfight/FPP

Accounts: | Passwords: dragoN@no1

Accounts: | Passwords: dhjasdj2122

Accounts: | Passwords: sadDnk909

Accounts: | Passwords: jdjs@18GG

Accounts: | Passwords: apexacc\f1

Accounts: | Passwords: newBG/3232

Accounts | Passwords: abogobogaya

Accounts: | Passwords: defensive777

Accounts: | Passwords: sasamu20000

Accounts: | Passwords: kazuhakuhaka

Accounts: | Passwords: gamingpassion

Accounts: | Passwords: liverpoolmanevan

Accounts: | Passwords: dancingboys10

Accounts: | Passwords: furururururuys

Accounts: | Passwords: 928391je92sj

Accounts: | Passwords: itsmeee99000

Accounts: | Passwords: vianomario7543

Accounts: | Passwords: unamusedguys

Accounts: | Passwords: formeitsforme

Accounts: | Passwords: jojo6471zzz62

Accounts | Passwords: andthisiswhat

Accounts | Passwords: afeafejakejakey

Accounts | Passwords: connor1818e71

Accounts | Passwords: eiza272727272

Accounts | Passwords: mikes9138210

Accounts | Passwords: sakuratans101

Accounts | Passwords: jUw1o9119

Accounts | Passwords: champiooons1

Accounts | Passwords: stanloona22

Accounts | Passwords: Harmonicaaaal

Accounts | Passwords: bandZE81919

Accounts | Passwords: intheendofpark

Accounts | Passwords: AMAZINGBOY

Accounts | Passwords: 92i38271952

Accounts | Passwords: twicetwicetwicett

Accounts | Passwords: kaokaorizzzzz

Accounts | Passwords: weare191901

Accounts | Passwords: seapacifico

Accounts | Passwords: stilldivi888

Accounts | Passwords: 19823718182w

Accounts | Passwords: footballeveryone

Facebook ID/Password:

Accounts: 17787767869 | Passwords: hbfh#123

Accounts: 15876876786 | Passwords: apexL#385

Accounts: 15786876873 | Passwords: legMa@\53

Accounts: 14174209094 | Passwords: drtdrt\45fF

Accounts: 14163766868 | Passwords: ugyih@34A

Accounts: 19686238746 | Passwords: ApeXd/433

Accounts: 12656456467 | Passwords: tytft@A34

Accounts: 14765765765 | Passwords: 8947uhfg\

Accounts: 13768768768 | Passwords: 238Wow@

Accounts: 14665765757 | Passwords: gfe44NNg

Accounts: 12656576576 | Passwords: tgffgrg454t

Accounts: 19876876859 | Passwords: rgrg454/#

Accounts: 14546654665 | Passwords: trteZz34#\

Apex legends Mobile free accounts rewards

Step 1: Get Apex legends Mobile free accounts to get the login to the game
Step 2: Enjoy the first battle pass of Apex Legends Mobile
Step 3: Complete first battle pass rewards, including skins
Step 4: Play with high-rank players because these accounts come with a high level of season one of apex legends

About Game

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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